Made in USA from the best materials available. The single trailing vane design allows for a strong lightweight frame that vanes in the lightest breeze. The frame assembly is made of a single hoop, trailing vane and incorporates a 100% stainless steel frame assembly and body with permanently lubricated bearings. All units are made from non-corrosive materials and are great for salt water or corrosive areas.

All fasteners, washers, etc. are stainless steel. All our socks are made of durable waterproofed synthetic material and are double stitched at all seems. Our socks are fully calibrated and become fully extended at 15 knots. Our heavy-duty windsock will fully extend at 18 knots. Standard color is International Orange.

Windtek windsocks feature an EZ pipe thread mount. The 8", 10" and 13" unit attaches to a 1/2 inch female fitting. The 18" and 24" unit attaches to a 3/4 inch female fitting and the 36" unit attaches to a 1-1/4" female fitting.

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How To Measure Windsocks

Method 1
Measure around the complete circumference of the throat of the windsock.
Divide that measurement by 3.14. This will calculate the diameter of the windsock in inches.

Method 2
Lay your windsock flat on a table or floor.
Measure from one side to the opposite side of the throat.
Take that measurement & multiply by 2, then divide by 3.14. The result is the diameter of your windsock.

Method 3
To determine the diameter of your windsock, measure from side to side through the middle of your windsock frame.