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replacement windsocks, complete windsock units
The best windsocks on the face of the planet? That's quite a claim! Consider these features:
  • single hoop frame assembly
  • trailing vane design
  • 100% stainless steel frame, fasteners and washers
  • permanently lubricated bearings
  • waterproof synthetic sock material
  • double stitching of all seams
  • UV resistant
  • calibrated for full extention at 15 knots, heavy duty at 18 knots
"We have used your windsock and frame for 5+ years. The sock has lasted us for 3 years before needing replaced. You have the best product and the best service ! Keep up the good work.."
Darin Hostetler Orion, MI

"Summer of 2004 my windsock survived 50 to 60 knot winds for 3 days. The wind was a result of a tropical depression."
John Lewis Houma, LA

"I received the 13" windsock and frame via UPS and was very happy with your products. Just taking a minute to let you know you had a happy customer."
Greg Vaugh Centerville, IN

"I built my windsock frame years ago, but couldn't find a windsock that didn't fade out and deteriorate until I found the Windtek Windsock. It's terrific!"
Stephen M. Lawlor St. Joseph, MO

Additionally, our frames are designed so that the hoop can be opened and the sock can be slipped onto the frame without the need for grommets. Windtek windsocks are made in the USA from the best materials available!

Not only are our windsocks used in airports or other aviation facilities, but also for industry and environmental situations where wind monitoring is critical. Replacement windsocks or complete units are available for phone or online ordering.

We also offer convenient, radio controlled Pilot Controlled Lighting, low-maintenance, low-intensity Airport Runway Lights (including ML-1 parts) and a great gift idea or novelty for your office: the Runway Light Desk Lamp.

Use for airports, helipads, hospitals, chemical companies, military bases, RC pilots, agriculture, recreation facilities and many more!

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